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Repairs and Returns

All returns, for repair or credit, require a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) generated by Spectrum Digital to reference the return. Returns that are received without a valid Spectrum Digital RMA# will cause significant delays in processing.

A) Products Returning for Repair:

Repair Process instructions:

      1. Click on the “Confirm and Continue” button at the bottom of this page to complete the RMA form. The customer will be required to provide the part number, serial number, and detailed description of failure.
      2. The customer will be sent an RMA number by confirmation email after completing and confirming the website RMA process.
      3. Carefully package the returning product and ship the item to Spectrum Digital at the address listed in the RMA# confirmation email. Shipping cost from the customer to Spectrum Digital is the responsibility of the customer.
      4. When the product is received, Spectrum Digital will log the receipt and inspect and/or test the unit to verify (a) failure and (b) determine warranty status. The customer will be contacted if there are any questions regarding the functionality of the returning unit or regarding warranty status.
      5. If the product is determined to be “Out of Warranty”, valid credit card information will be required for payment of repair costs before repair begins. Please visit the following website links for our warranty policy and payment terms:

        Warranty Information
        Terms and Conditions

      6. Once the repair has been completed, the unit will be returned to the customer at the address provided on the RMA# request form. Repaired units will be returned via overnight shipping, unless otherwise requested.

B) Products returning for credit or exchange:

Products returning for credit/refund or exchange for a different product require approval from a Spectrum Digital Representative. Upon approval, the representative will provide RMA # to reference the return. Please contact Spectrum Digital via one of the following methods regarding product returns or exchanges:

          Tel:       281.494.4500 extension 113
          Email:     sales@spectrumdigital.com

Please review the terms and conditions regarding returns for credit/exchange and any applicable restocking fees.

          Terms and Conditions

Prior to proceeding to the RMA Number Request form, please review the troubleshooting guide at:


The troubleshooting guide may help pinpoint the cause of the failure in the event the the questionable hardware is actually functioning properly. The resulting failures may be caused by other components of the development tool chain. This may save time and expense in shipping.